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Got Some L.A.F.S.?

Could you use some laughs? I'll bet you could, especially if they increased your online sales. And, no, I'm not talking about jokes, cartoons, and riddles.

L.A.F.S. stands for Little Ads For Success - specifically, business cards. Most people's idea of a business card is more of a calling card. It has their name, their company's name, their phone number, and maybe their address or their website address. Typical card. I'm not talking about using your typical card, either.

Think of your Internet marketing techniques. Aren't they all designed to either get someone to your website or get them on your list? That's the purpose of L.A.F.S. Just like your ads on the Web, these little ads exist only to get someone to your website.

But how?

You could offer a special incentive on your card, like a discount that only card-holders can get at your site. People always like to get a great deal.

You could offer a free gift that only card-holders get just for visiting your site. This gift needs to have a high perceived value, so that your prospect will remember that he wants to visit your site to get that special gift. Put a code on the card that enables them to get this gift, and you will also be able to track the results of your L.A.F.S. Put a different code on each design, so you know which ones work the best.

You could also make them curious about your site. For example, one of my L.A.F.S. simply asks:

Do You Know 3 People Who Could Use An Extra $100,000?

Does that get their attention? Does it make them curious? You betcha!

There are two important things to remember when you design your cards:

One, never get your prospect's attention by misleading them just to get them to your site. This would be BAD publicity -- best avoided!

Two, never try to use your card to actually sell your product. Your goal is to get them to your site, where your sales copy will then do its job.

O.K. Now you've got your L.A.F.S. How do you put them to work for you?

You leave a trail of L.A.F.S. behind you! Give them out EVERYWHERE you go. Give them to EVERYONE you meet. When you go to the gas station, give one to the attendant. When you stand in line at the bank, meet the other people in line around you and give them your card. When you get to the counter, give one to the clerk. When your car battery dies, and someone gives you a jump, give a card to your new friend.

Change your routine so that you visit different gas stations, different branches of your bank, different grocery stores, and a variety of restaurants. Go to networking events sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Go to kids' sports events and meet the parents. Give out L.A.F.S. at the mall. If your market is a small or specific niche, be creative in finding places that you may encounter these people.

With consistent effort, you will be surprised how fast you can go through a thousand cards!

So leave your trail of L.A.F.S. - Little Ads For Success - all the way to the bank!

About The Author

Kathryn Thomas, born, raised, and living in Texas, believes in doing things in a BIG way. Be sure to visit her at to see the $100,000/mo. income plan. Yes, that's per MONTH!

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