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Golf Pros Jet to be Sold early 2006 -- Market NOW to Make Large Deposit

Marketing gurus travel all over...Malaysia, London, San Francisco make plans to go along on your jet in '06.

Here's how to market/create a large the next several months...eight/nine months to go---------

1. Affiliate with the top marketers. Study their products and i*n*h*a*l*e their sense of what works. Study their affiliate programs....and give their ideas your unique twist.

2. Create and publish informative articles in groups of three or four. Use your four line resource box at the end with all the smarts you have: comments about your e-zine subscription, your website URL, a freebie.

If you do not have your own articles, find free content which allows you to add some business building information.

3. Become masterful at making back end offers. Intersperse back end offers with 'how are you doing and how can I help?' e-mails to your purchasers.

By the way, here is what is happening with me.... because I am working daily on my e-articles and TIPS series, AND helping my downline, my upline at SFI is AWARDING me a pocket full of leads.

4. Encourage your list/clients/downline to forward your articles and e-mail messages to friends and associates.

5. Create a webpage. There, ask people what THEY need to know to be successful on the 'Net. Respond quickly.

6. For six months, implement at least one or two of the tips in this article and my first article several days a week. The next six months, repeat the cycle with one or two different strategies. Repeat the cycle the next six months. Get a marketing rhythm going week after week. If my schedule does not work for you, create your own schedule.

7. Seek top affiliates. Work with them closely. Make suggestions....and learn from them.

8. Acquire op-tiners by offering articles, writing and offering e-books and e-courses, and creating white papers -- success stories about your top affiliates.

9. Reward your top affiliates....a cruise, video programs that you purchase, an online convention of master marketers. Use affiliate success stories on your webpage/site/e-mailings. Create an e-book of three/four success stories. Pass it on with YOUR resource notes.

10. Since you know your business, create a five to ten steps DO THIS to help your affiliates start smart. This should be your maxim: when I succeed, you succeed. When you succeed, I succeed.

11. Make notes whenever you get an idea about a new product. Learn how to create your own products. Then, create products.

Gladys Margaret Williams works with SFIMG, a self contained internet marketing company offering products, marketing services, training -- and more.

In The News:

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Hong Kong's embattled leader has said the violence has far exceeded the call for democracy and that demonstrators are now the "people's enemy".

State of emergency over 'catastrophic' Australia bushfires
Sun, 10 Nov 2019 03:18:00 +0000
New South Wales has declared a state of emergency as its deadly bushfires are expected to get much worse.

Co-founder of White Helmets found dead days after Russia claimed he was a spy
Mon, 11 Nov 2019 10:59:00 +0000
A former British Army officer who co-founded the White Helmets volunteer force in Syria has been found dead in Istanbul.

Top US diplomat 'was told to oppose Trump' by his team
Mon, 11 Nov 2019 09:35:00 +0000
Donald Trump's former ambassador to the UN says she was told to oppose the president's policies by key figures in his administration.

Star sent off for reacting to fans' 'racist' abuse cried 'tears of helplessness'
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A footballer has said he cried tears of "helplessness" after he was sent off for reacting to alleged racist abuse by fans during a match in Ukraine.

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