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Dumb Money And Smart Money

One of my goals online is to give you the total picture and tell you everything you need to succeed in your own Internet Marketing Business.

This internet marketing "stuff" has been a God send for me and it can be for Anyone of you who will apply yourself and be very, very serious with it, not get rich overnite - but I am talking about coming in to this "net marketing world" with the same attitude that I came in with. I am here folks for the loooong term.

I am going to share some of my thoughts and opinions of what I see going on in the Internet marketing community. So consider this a heart-to-heart talk from someone who has been there before you...

Now lets put the cards on the table...

So, you want to be one of the BIG marketers,

- You want to be on of the Top 1% Affiliates raking in all the money. - You want to be the next Big Net Marketing Guru ..

Hey that's GREAT, - but what are you doing about it?

If you want to create your own successful Internet Business, you have 2 choices... You can A) take the long road or you can B) take the smart road.

A) - You can take the long road:You can continue to search on the Internet for "free" information¨, buying different "how-to, go their, do this" e-books, spending countless hours translating their jargon or joining one of those "30k in 30 days" schemes, Why bother? It will take you weeks or even month's of testing just to achieve the anger of knowing you have been taken advange of by someone selling a load of "get rich quick hype".

B) - You can take the smart road: Interact With Real Internet Marketing Professionals Who Are Actually Making Huge Profits Online. Interact With Real Internet Marketing Companies. I made many mistakes. I joined programs like the"30k in 30days" and other scam programs only to find out later it was a bunch of garbage. Not that I'm proud about this ... Bad Products..No money back guarantee..No affiliate support,,,

However, I soon discovered that the real money is made by Real Internet Marketing Professionals Using Real Internet Marketing Companies Using Proven methods to sell their products To avoid "cheater" programs, you need to do your homework and stay informed..

A) - You can take the long road: FOLLOWING THE DUMB MONEY The major mistake I see other Internet entrepreneurs making is following the "dumb money." The "dumb money" is in the small, individual marketers who would like to make money online but tend to lose their money most of the time. Spending their hard earned cash on different ideas or schemes to find out what works and what doesnt..

B) - You can take the smart road:FOLLOWING THE SMART MONEY The idea is to follow your "the smatrt money" and do what they are doing... To find out, just, purchase their products, services and subscribe to their newsletters Some people like to sugarcoat things, but that is not my style...nor is it what you need. Forget the hype and focus on the reality of making money online. If someone is getting different results than you, then they are doing something differently.

For example, do you see all the Big "gurus" posting to FFA sites, safelists or allowing others to place ads in their in-house optin list/e-zine? Of course not! And wouldn't you think that with the time, and experience, they have, they would have already tested those marketing mediums and have decided not to use them because they don't work? So, if someone got dozen orders per day and you didn't, they did something differently than you did.And do you know what the biggest difference usually is, persistance and approach. Persistence is the key.

A) - You can take the long road: Sell anything to anybody, at anytime without ever owning it, you have one chance to earn peoples trust, therefore it's very important that you represent products and services that you honestly believe in.

B) - You can take the smart road: Represent products and services that you honestly believe in. The Best Way To Assure Your Success Is To Learn As Much As You Can About Your Business, Program or Product. The better you know the product or service, the more enthusiastic you will be about recommending it - and you'll have a better chance that people will want to buy. Successful affiliates buy the product so that they can write a genuine, honest review of it. The best products to promote are those that you personally use and have found to be of benefit to you. But even beyond that,the best products are those that pay you a residual income, month after month.

The only stuff I recommend is stuff that I own. I have physically purchased it, or had in a couple of instances a courtesy copy sent to me for review, and only if and when I'm satisfied that it will help me in my own business will I then recommend it to other people. You Can Not Promote That Which You Do Not Understand

A) - You can take the long road: Not promoting enough. Promoting may not be as much fun, but it's key to making the fun parts pay off. I have wasted a lot of time and money, thinking that people would automatically come to my web site, and buy my stuff... You should spend more of your time marketing than on any other task. In the course of running your business, it's easy to get caught up in a million idiotic things..

The number 1 problem I see with the online Networkers I work with across the world every day is that they Stop prospecting! Why..? Because they run out of leads or if they do sponsor a few members in their first 2-3months - those people quit or become inactive because they've run out of traffic. When they do run out of visitors, they get discouraged and quit their business!

B) - You can take the smart road: 99% of all networkers need more visitors and additional Training.....


Because very few have taken the time -- or even HAVE the time -- to LEARN WHAT REALLY WORKS! I mean, what works NOW. What's also important to understand and to pass onto your members, is that any internet business starts out relatively slow. But over time, it has a tendency to "Explode in Your Face" and next thing you know you're making checks the size of Bill Gates ;)

Without the right tools, your Internet marketing experience will be exactly like playing the child's game with a blindfold on -- pin the tail on the donkey. To build a network that will stand the test of time and produce significant income, you must spend every possible moment working on - How to get LEADS! - that is all there is to it.. That is all there has ever been to it.

That is common sense and it is undeniable, and yet I have never met a networker, who fully understands the point. The three most important features for any website are traffic, traffic, targeted traffic.

A) - You can take the long road: No Internet Marketing Plan, If you don't plan to succeed, then life itself is planning for your failure.

B) - You can take the smart road: Make your business plan simple. Concentrate on building a list. Find affiliate programs and joint venture partners to supply products and income. Regardless of what marketing method you choose, you'll need a basic marketing system and you will need to be Very consistent with it.

Marketing is never a "one-shot" deal. It always takes a steady effort, time and patience. There is no one perfect system for marketing, but that's OK. With a good system and a steady effort you will do just fine. If you already have a good system, and it can be easily duplicated to your downline, stick with it. If not, find a proven system that are currently working well and that can be duplicated by everyone in your group. It's just a numbers game - pure statistics.

That's all. There is no magic formula. If you stay at it steadily, you WILL succeed.. So, what's the end statement out of all of this...

Internet marketing is the EASIEST business in the world if you work it HARD! But it's the HARDEST business in the world f you work it EASY!"...

About The Author

Tomas Loden is the owner and webmaster of one of the best dating services chosen amongst hundreds of sites reviewed: He dares to be different. And it's working! Read his exciting life story and learn why his internet dating services are producing Thousands in Profit. Occasionally wacky! Sometimes funny! Always useful!

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