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Avoid Marketing Stagnation Using 3 Basic Methods

You joined an online marketing program, placed some ads, and then thought, now what? The majority of new marketers pause at this point, and many never come back.

Some years ago, I attended a "bump school" ski lesson in Breckenridge, Colorado. My instructor emphasized keeping the weight down hill on the skis, leaning forward. He said if you fall, better to fall forward, not backward or sideways, but FORWARD. The forward weight, and even the forward fall, indicates advancement. With the earnest determination needed to ski bump runs, stay forward, stay alive in your marketing efforts! Will your business stagnate at this critical time? No! Now commit to sustained focus in your marketing education. Commit to sustained action that becomes second nature. Lock your ON switch in place! Often finding myself in this dynamic, my web business excites me, seeming more like play.

What simple, powerful tools can you use to maintain the forward dynamic?

Start a newsletter. When you first hear that statement, you might think, "Well that's fine for experienced marketing professionals. I would not know where to begin to create a newsletter or get a list of people to send it to." I understand. But do not let these thoughts deter you. You CAN start or obtain a newsletter! With a little searching and reading, learn how. An ongoing email series that you offer as a "marketing tips" newsletter, for example, attracts interested subscribers. Cliché by now, the fortune in the follow up rings true. Your prospects need inspirational, repetitive exposure. Time and time again I see responses from prospects after several contacts.

Get your own website. Most affiliate marketing programs provide referral pages to receive responses from advertising. Your own website enables you to compete with successful internet business owners. It gives you the ability to develop a mailing list, the core of your marketing success. Developing link popularity, many website owners use link exchange or partner directories, linking to similar websites. This not only increases traffic through the added links, but also improves search engine ranking.

Add content to your website. Content consists of useful information that people want to find on your website, often in the form of articles. Web marketers constantly publish informative articles they would love placed on your website. This provides a win-win situation because their articles attract visitors to your website, and bring more people back to the authors' websites as the articles include their links. Ideally, publish your own articles and develop credibility and popularity in your service.

You now have a complete package. These tools provide the basics to manifest your marketing goals. A website with valuable content attracts visitors interested in your offers, and brings newsletter subscribers. Increased sales give you more time and money to enhance your website content. Improving website content and popularity again feeds back to more sales and a larger subscriber base. This way, successful internet marketers grow their businesses! With patient focus, implement and build with these tools. Maintain persistence and attain your goals!

John Magruder is a successful SFI Team Leader and a Member of the Wealth Online Website system.
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