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Are You Looking For A Long-Term Or Fly-By-Night Business?

I have received many emails or calls from my network marketing prospects asking me how fast they can start to see profits. My answer to them is simple, How much and How fast you earn depends on your efforts. Most of them Do not satisfy with my answer. They will argue Company Xyz guarantees I will be in profit in my first month, The Sponsor from another company guarantees me to earn Even in my first few hours

Can you really make quick money from the net? Yes you can if you are a marketing guru that has a huge list. I am talking about 10 of thousands. Or you have created A unique product that almost every online marketer needs And no other competitors yet.

If you don't have anything that I described above then I am sorry to tell you the truth, you are not going to make Fast money. There are too many fly-by-night programs that are full of hypes and scams out there. "Make $3000 In 30 days". "Earn a residue income of $10,000 in 90 days without doing anything". If you are still promoting these programs, be prepared to face empty promises.

Other than being cheated, you will be wasting a lot of your efforts, money and time that can be used to build a genuine long term business. You will also destroy your valuable warm market if you get yourself involved these hyped up programs. Your friends and relatives will never trust your again. Why risk yourself? Why don't you look for a genuine long term home based business. It will be a slow but sure process.

If you have been doing business long enough, you know the truth; there isn't any magic formula to profit. It is your efforts and hard work that bring in those profits. The person that recruits you cannot tell you the answers; it is entirely depend on your efforts. But if you have a good mentor, your efforts will be reduced as your mentor may provide you a time tested marketing system you can copy. But if you don't do anything, nobody can help you.

I have downlines that joined and sit down there do nothing. I spent all my efforts to motivate, teach, educate and show him literally step-by-step how to start, where to start but if he is not interested and don't plan to do anything, he will fail.

Network marketing is a long-term business. Be prepared to have negative cash flows in the first few months. You will start seeing profits when you are able to show your downlines how to do it. It takes times, efforts, investment and dedication to build a long lasting passive income.

Many people failed in network marketing not because the business or compensation plans are bad, they failed because they are looking for quick profits; they want to see profits even in the first month. Once they don't see any profits in the first 2 months, they will quit and jump to 2nd program. The cycle continues. After failing many programs, they will simply quit the internet world.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, you need

(1) To spend efforts, time and money

(2) A mentor showing you step-by-step what to do

(3) To have a reliable company that exists at least 4 years. Those hyped-up and scam companies won't last for more than 2 years. So 4 years should be able to screen out most of them

(4) To have a duplicable marketing system that you and your downlines can use

(5) To have products that have public appeal and will be able to help everyone.

If you are still searching for the perfect company, I highly recommend you check out my website for the company I am involved

So, before you join the next network marketing company, go through the checklist above see whether your new potential company meet those criteria or not. If you cannot pass through the list, be prepared to have disappointment.

About The Author

David Chew is a professional marketer and He is the editor of Quick-Retirement Newsletter. Valuable Weekly Featured Articles and Tips that will help you Retire Quickly. Subscribe at:

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