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8 Things I Have Learned As An Internet Marketer

I started as an internet marketer, like I am sure a few of you have with various mlm programs. After little success with these types of programs I finally decided it was time I make my own website and get serious about marketing on the internet. Although I have not been doing this as long as some, there have been a few things that I have learned along the way that have helped me achieve much more success than my previous ventures in mlm. I would like to share with you 8 things I have learned since becoming an internet marketer.

1. Choosing The Right Program

Choosing the right program to affiliate with is still a relevant way of making money on the internet. I learned not believe all the hype surrounding every affiliate program on the net. Instead I look for affiliate programs that pay at least 30% commissions and are run by reputable internet marketers.

2. Choosing The Right Tools

I learned quickly that you need much more than just a website to become successful. Choosing the right tools to optimize your internet business is crucial if you hope to succeed. Tools like auto responders, professional emailboxes, and software that help with linking and submitting your site to search engines is very important information to have. However, some of these tools can be expensive, but the return on investment is priceless.

3. Targeted Traffic

Getting the right people to your website is something all internet marketers are constantly working to achieve. In this business you find a lot of tire kickers, these are the people that may download a free product or tour your site but they have no intentions of ever buying any of your products or services. Finding targeted traffic is what you need, people that our looking for a home-based business or a product or service you are selling.

4. Quality Leads

Quality leads are very important when talking about targeted traffic. there are plenty of companies that offer leads and subscription services, and I suggest trying a few different companies out, because you just do not know what type of leads you will get. One of the first companies I used to buy leads from provided me with leads from people all over the world, most of whom did not speak English, or they wanted me to either give them money or go out on a date! So I learned to ask around and investigate a few companies out before I invest in leads.

5. Publishing A Newsletter

Publishing my own newsletter is very important, probably more important than I first realized. With your own newsletter filled with relevant content that can help your prospects, you gain trust and credibility. Your prospects are more willing to buy your product or service if they feel as if they know you.

6. Reciprocal Linking

This was a powerful lesson to be learned. Search engines love reciprocal links when deciding your page rank and position in their search engine. This was an eye opener. With the right software I was able to make reciprocal linking work to my advantage, without having to manually do it myself. Reciprocal linking has helped me with my alexa ranking as well as in the search engines.

7. Finding JV Partners

Finding Joint Venture (JV) partners is also very important is building a successful online venture, in a sense reciprocal linking is a JV partnership in that you are hoping your link on someone else site will bring you visitors and vice-a-versa. However, there are also other JV partnerships available and are quite easy to find, if you know where to look ( see below). I have a few JV partners that I work with to mutually make our businesses profitable. It is the old adage of "you scratch my back, I scratch you back" where each partner brings something different to the table and combined they form a JV partnership.

8. Business Forums

I found reading and posting to business forums to be invaluable to the success of my business. These are great places to learn from people that have been doing business for a long time. I also told you about finding JV partners, well business forums is where to find people you would like to do business with. Most forums allow you to use a signature file that you can use as "free" advertising for your business.

In closing, I would like to add that there are probably a hundred more lessons I have learned since starting my online business. I continue to learn something new everyday that only helps me in my goal of becoming a successful internet marketer. Good luck.

Copyright 2004 Dirk Wagner

About The Author

Dirk Wagner is CEO and owner of and the free, easy to install #1 home business toolbar with automated updates.A website dedicated to helping the home-based business entrepreneur start and succeed with there very own home-based business.

My name is Dirk Wagner. I started my internet business in the past with the helping hands of TOP Internet Marketers like Stone Evans. My goal is helping others who are just starting their business and so I have created the #1 Home Business Toolbar.

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