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10 Ways To Increase Your Ads Efeectiveness

The current climate on the internet is very unfavourable to the small business operator. All forms of advertising are becoming blocked, or too expensive. Email is becoming difficult to send, and even more difficult to ensure it arrives at its destination due to spam filters. Ads on sites are being blocked, popups are blocked by peoples browsers, and it's taking more and more effort to actually get noticed if you do make it into view. So what's the internet marketer to do to advertise on a budget these days? Well here are 10 tips which could help you to get your ads and your business noticed.

1 Avoid spam complaints in the first place by building your own in house opt in list. Put a subscribe form for a newsletter or update alert emails on every page of your site. And then make sure it's double opt-in, that is all subscribers have to confirm before they are added to your list.

2 To defeat the spam filters at the user end of things, format your emails to avoid the most filtered words. All the spammers have used the words F.ree and millions to the point of making them useless anyway, but they are still the ones guaranteed to trigger the filters.

3 Until recently adding a popup to a webpage would almost guarantee it got seen, and used correctly would make sales. But now almost everyone has a popup blocker, and all the main browsers have them as standard. There are ways around them, and in some cases they can be much more eyecatching than the original popups too. Try Spinning Popup Generator see for more information.

4 When the world wide web was young, banners were a good way of promoting sites, or products. But once again the over use of them has rendered them less effective. That is they do still have a place, but they need to be done correctly to get a response. There are also ad blockers which block image ads, they aren't completely effective though and I recently discovered at least some of them only block images with no width and height tags. So always include width and height tags, and use an alt tag for including alternative text for when the banner doesn't display.

5 Most people are so fed up with email adverts because of the amount of spam they get that you need to really be different to get them to open your emails. There is a caveat to this though, don't try to mislead people into opening your emails. Use a catchy subject to entice people to open your mails, but be careful of those spam trigger words.

6 Publish a free ebook and give it away from your web site or in your e-zine. Include links to your site in the book, and this will increase your traffic, sales and e-zine subscribers. Allow others to give it away too, and you will have a viral ad going out all around the internet bringing you free exposure.

7 Build alliances with other online businesses. You could trade links or ads, create joint venture deals,cross promote your products, etc. This way you both double up on your chances of getting your ad seen.

8 Add a message board or chat room to your web site. If people enjoy it, they will revisit your web site to participate regularly. You could even include a section for ads in your message board, and people will come to your site to post ads, and may read yours too.

Make it a members only forum, and they will have to give their email address to sign up, giving you another avenue to promote through.

9 Write and send press releases for your web site. Use a strong headlines, make it newsworthy, and tell the journalist why their readers would like it.

10 Write articles and submit them to e-zines, web sites and magazines that accept article submissions. Include your business information and web address at the end of the article. Whenever and wherever it gets published you also get your link seen. Targeting your articles to your market will get the best response too, as people looking for content in your market will use them, and people reading that information are looking for your products or skills.

Bonus advertising tip

11 Participate on message boards. Post answers to other people's questions, ask questions and post appropriate information. Include your signature file at the end of all your postings. You will also gain a reputation for being an expert in your chosen field, giving you more credibility. People will start searching you out then.

BIO Doug Titchmarsh runs several sites including and and publishes an e-zine for marketers online and off which you can get by sending an email to

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