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The Power of Candlelight

In this day and age, everything is about health and wellness. The products range from nutritional, mentoring/self growth and soy/veg candles. Yes, soy/veg candles because they're virtually soot-free and natural waxes are used to create a healthier environment in the homes of candle lovers.

Let's talk about the simple but powerful qualities that candles provide for enjoyment. The scent of a candle is what usually compels people to burn one in their home or office. Some of the fondest memories are conjured up through the sense of smell. For example, what memory comes to mind when you smell a hot apple pie scented candle? Some will say they think of Grandma baking a hot apple around the Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday when they were younger. The scent Buttercream reminds me of the memorable weddings where the cake was too delicious to pass up and ditching the diet.

Another important aspect is the wide range of reasons to burn a candle. Many people talk about how it relaxes or enhances the mood. A small flame brings about a sense of serene tranquility and peacefulness to a room. Spas use them to help make their clients' sessions more enjoyable. The different aromatherapy scents are used to enhance relaxation, clarity, energy and a sense of well being. The flame itself creates an ambiance in the room needed for proper meditation techniques.

Here's something that's been around for ages but not consciously thought about when lighting a candle. The spiritual connection to the universe and to the soul. It is widely believed by many psychics, healers and spiritualists that the flame is the only non-artificial light the spirit world can see on our plane of existence.

I personally believe that if you speak your wishes and desires over a lit candle, a "vibe" is being put out to the universe and spirit world to help you achieve your desires.

Now that being said, picture in your mind this scenario. You walk into a church, any church or place of worship in your town. Usually, off to the left or right side or near the entrance is a section of burning votives. People have lit them in prayer whether it be for themselves or for a loved one. Think of this church being filled with people from all walks of life coming together to pray and celebrate. Imagine the power of thought and prayer of everybody under one roof with all these votives burning at once. That is a lot of "vibes" reaching out to the universe. The people walk out of the church feeling empowered and energized because they have been subconsciously uplifted. It is no wonder that they repeat this activity every week.

It is amazing how many transformations occur within all of us just from our candlelight moments. All these qualities of well being are achieved through the sense of smell, the mind and soul just from a lit candle. Next time you light a candle, watch as the growing flame stabilizes and how much better you feel at the same time. One tip to remember, after extinguishing the flame, dip the wick into the melted wax to eliminate the smoke.

Mary Leedy is a work at home Mom with 3 children in NJ and the Success By Candlelight Coach at


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