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Latex Mattresses ? Comfortable, Renewable, and Biodegradable

A latex mattress is not exactly the same thing as a memory foam bed. Latex is a naturally biodegradable sap from the rubber trees of Indonesia and Malaysia. It is collected in a process not unlike getting maple syrup from a tree. This liquid latex is shipped in drums to different parts of Europe and the United States where it is then turned into mattresses, toppers, and pillows. Since it is 100% natural and renewable; it is hypoallergenic and breathable because of the open cell structure to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Latex does not have the detrimental effects on the environment as other materials do because of the renewable properties. Bacteria or mold and mildew cannot live in latex mattresses, making them great for kid's rooms. Studies prove that latex is three times more resistant to dust mites than traditional mattresses. Most memory foam beds have some form of self recovery foam. It may or may not be latex. Some people are severely allergic to latex. Be sure you ask exactly what your mattress is made of before you purchase.

A form of latex used in mattresses is blended and called Talalay. This latex is springy and less like a marshmallow. This process blends synthetics, chemical or petroleum additives with natural latex for a long lasting effect. It is also a good form of memory foam pad bedding. You do not have to flip these mattresses because of superior quality. Most of the mattresses include a removable satin skin casing. You will feel supported while sitting or laying down. Air mattresses or other styles of adjustable mattresses do not have the benefits of latex as you are sleeping on a pocket of air. They offer less body support and less relief on the pressure points than a latex mattress. The adjustability of the air beds is their only advantage over a newer latex foam mattress. You may also need to replace your traditional mattresses more often than the latex bed. Viscoelastic foam has a life of only about 10 years while natural latex is much longer. The advantages of latex mattresses have been studied and tested for over twenty years in Europe and it has been proven that latex offers a distinct comfort and support advantage over other sleep systems. If you want to feel good in more ways than one about your mattress purchase; buy a mattress made of biodegradable and renewable latex. It is good for your health and good for the environment.

Bev Marshall is a successful freelance writer, Aromatherapist and Feng Shui consultant offering guidance and suggestions for consumers buying a duvet cover, mattress, bedspread, baby bedding, comforter, bedding and more. Her many articles can be found online. She gives information and tips to help you save money and make informed buying decisions.

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