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Look To Trees To Help You Keep Balanced And Focused While Achieving Your Dreams

Do you remember looking up through the branches of a beautiful, leafy tree, on a warm sunny day? How the sunlight filtering through the lush greeness, seemed to take on an almost magical quality?

And do you recall how this golden sunlight and the softly swaying branches almost seemed to be the physical enactment of a song, a whispering melody, just beyond the reach of your ears?

Trees, strong and sturdy, with roots deeply entrenched in the ground, while all the time reaching for the heavens or stretching out, giving shelter and protection to all who need it.

Which sort of tree are you more drawn to?

Are you more like a tall tree that directs its energy upward, always focussing on the next goal and not really given to taking time to relax?

Or do you have more in common with the shade giver, reaching out and wanting to experience all that life has to offer you?

Perhaps at different points in your life, you're either one or the other, sometimes concentrating hard on accomplishing set targets, allowing no distractions until you've reached them.

And then maybe, during other times, you're more laid back and in no particular hurry to get to any one particular place. You just want to enjoy and savour all of life, reach out and communicate.

The ideal is to be able to harness the benefits of both these ways. A steady devoted energy to bring into realisation a long held dream. A calm, wandering, branching out to learn new things, meet different people and widen and deepen your experience of life. A way of balance.

Do you remember how pretty, dappled sunlight can be? How the golden, green hues, almost look otherworldly? Can you feel the magic you once felt as a child, high up in the branches of an enourmous tree?

If not, then maybe you've been operating in "tall tree " mode for too long, and perhaps it's time to take a few steps back and breathe in deeply and take in the view.

Embrace wide open spaces, go down to the seaside, reach out, refresh and rejuvinate. Remember what it is was like in childhood to live in the moment and look at everything as if it was the very first time you were seeing it.

And when you feel peacful and revitalised, again start to focus and begin working towards your dreams and goals.

You'll probably find you have greater clarity, you'll feel more inspired and that your journey to reach the sky will be that much quicker.

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