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Imagine How Different The World Would Look Just By Knowing What Type of Learner You Are

Are you a listener or a writer type of learner?

President John Kennedy was a reader and writer. President Lyndon Johnson was a listener. President Johnson didn't do well as he could in the White House because he thought he had to follow Kennedy's way of learning and absorb everything through writing. As well written as those reports were, he couldn't comprehend them as well as Kennedy. It wasn't until many years after the White House that Johnson learned what type of learner he was. Now, all we can do is think of the possibilities of how different the United States would be right now if he learned sooner.

Eisenhower was a reader and writer. During the war, Eisenhower insisted that all questions be presented in writing prior to each press event. His press events, outstanding and memorable because of his ability to process in writing, opened his path to Washington. In Washington, Eisenhower, now required to be a listener and respond on the spot, found it very difficult to learn and think. This limitation did affect his decision making, thus the world's progress, and especially America's success. His country no longer had the full benefit of his evolutionary learning ? his brilliance.

Our school system teaches by listening and reading and not writing. This is why many writers' in high school and college do poorly in lecture-type classes. When required to test based on lecture they usually receive an inadequate grade for their level. When allowed to read and submit a report, they flourish. When allowed to process the information in writing they add to classroom conversations in outstanding ways. Many times moving the information in evolutionary new ways or depths. Writers need to design their study through the writing process. Writer's learn and perform by writing not listening.

What type of learner are you? Your child? Significant other? Customers you attract? How does this affect how they learn from you, how they process, and how they succeed?

The way they learn affects them in everything they do in their life and yours.

For instance, are you an entrepreneur? Today, it is popular for entrepreneurs to deliver their information through teleclasses and teleseminars. I know, I'm a certified teleclass leader, and offer these regularly.

Most individuals who attend these events learn best through listening. The majority of the attendees are listeners. Does this mean that readers/writers aren't able to learn through this manner? Not, necessarily. Their success does depend on the leader and the event's structure.

If you are a reader/writer and you are registering for a teleseminar ? 98% listening design ? then you will need pre- session prep notes, a recording of the session, and to set aside additional time to process the information in writing afterwards in order to maximize your learning. The leader needs to all writing time, exercises, during the session. The event needs to provide preparation and follow up materials, such as notes. And encourage continued processing through writing afterwards. An important skill required for leaders of both learners is learning the delicate balance between giving space for writing and not letting listeners fall zone out.

Are the type of customers you attract listeners or reader/writers? Because of the law of attraction, like attracts like, and quantum physics, it is natural for listeners to attract listeners. And readers/writers attract the same. This does not necessarily mean listener learners can't attract readers/writers. It does mean that to attract the oppose you will need to learn and practice the opposite's way of learning. If you are listener, learn to process through writing. If you are a writer, learn and practice listening and language skills. An acting class is an excellent place to start.

Attracting the opposite is a choice. It will require both extended patience and practice. The payoff can be enormous in making revenue. There isn't a right or wrong in this, just awareness, observation, and choice. If you are a company that wants to attract the opposite for a wider set of prospects, hire the right learner, and have the patience to work with them knowing their benefit for the company.

If someone is standing before you, you can easily tell if they are a listener just by watching their brain process as you verbalize. If they need to write it down, let them, you also have the answer on how they learn.

Listeners who want to write something, love to talk their way through what they want to write first verbally before writing. Or they want someone to listen as they process a spot they make be stuck on in their writing. Ask them to tape record their part of the conversation. They will probably not need to hear it again but the safety net will provide calm in their writing process.

This is why writers prefer to tape record interviews. They aren't natural listeners and need that additional support to process. After years of conducting interviews, the writer's listening skills have increased to higher levels and they rely less on the tape recorder as support.

Knowing your learning style does determine life, career and relationship performance. It can affect your job evaluations, who you attract in life, success and results. If your boss is a listener and you a writer, it can be a big difference in how you get along, frequency of pay increases, and even whether you are let go.

If you have every let someone go, think back to whether they were just a different type of learner than yourself, and this tried your patience. I know I can find a few when I was an early employer. I bet you can too.

If you are in a high position, it could affect America or even the world. Who knows, someone reading this today may be President years from now and a single decision like going to war may be made outside the scope of their learning style that can cost America much.

Be brilliant at who you are by knowing how you learn. And then doing it your way!

Catherine Franz, Millionaire Coach, thinks outside the box naturally when it comes to attracting money. Order her latest strategy, How To "Get 'Them' To Follow Your Yellow Brick Road" report (for professionals, consultants, employees, and retail store owners).

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