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How to Pray on Water! Announcing Life-Changing Bible Code - Discover Amazing Water Scriptures!

Water is the source of life, yet so few of us understand how to navigate its spiritual and inspirational powers.

In 2001, I spent the summer in Israel launching a special project for the protection of the water-starved Sea of Galilee. Fortunately, I found a short-term apartment with a panoramic, awe-inspiring view of the Sea.

Seascape apartments in the Holy Land are highly coveted and thus in precious supply.

Friends commented that my good fortune was beyond belief. But I felt that the sea was drawing me near, indeed that I could rely upon these mystical waters to provide direction.

The miracle was mine for the asking.

My laptop fit comfortably in an alcove with windows shuttered against the hot, penetrating Middle Eastern sun.

Yet, I found myself drawn instead to the expansive living room water vista, where my heart could endlessly inhale the wondrous, shimmering greeting of diamond tipped waves.

Graceful sailboats ballet sailed by from time to time. Motorboats would occasionally capture my attention. I remained vigilant for water visitors even in the black of night.

The sea and I graciously welcomed all guests.

For we were intertwined in this special time and place, cherished partners--beholder, beheld and beloved--embracing and celebrating God's powerful blessings in our perfect, peaceful setting.

Slowly, inescapably, I discovered that I was?Praying on Water!

It was a joyous experience that I wanted to share.

I also discovered through my research that there are over 200 water references in the Old Testament and over 100 in the New Testament.

Miracles and milestones linked to water -- the parting of the Red Sea, the passage of the Israelites across the turbulent River Jordan into the Promised Land, baptism and rebirth, Jesus' miraculous walk on the waters of the Sea of Galilee -- shaped our Judeo-Christian heritage.

As the Biblical drama opens on creation, we learn that the entire world is divided into upper and lower waters. Waters above signify trust in God, while waters below signify trust in one another.

I've written numerous works and held many conferences over the years on the politics of water sharing--especially in the Middle East Region.

Yet, I finally understood that it is much more important--and yes, even urgent--to help people undertand and appreciate the Power of Water Prayers to forge a closer connection to God...the True Source!

How to Pray On Water reveals the most profound prayer messages ever written: Water Scriptures!!

YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN THINK OF THE BIBLE OR WATER in quite the same way. You can learn more about How to Pray on Water at

Dr. Joyce Starr--a noted international expert on water issues--authored Covenant Over Middle Eastern Waters (Henry Holt), Faxes To God (HarperSanFrancisco), Kissing Through Glass (Contemporary Books), and How Children Pray to God at the Western Wall of Jerusalem ( and many other works. You can find her recently published Ebook, How to Pray on Water, at

You can also visit Dr. Starr's Life Coaching website at:

Dr. Starr can be reached at

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