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Are You Really Living Your Life Today!

Yesterday I was but a child, looking. Looking ahead at a world of wonder. Everything was always ahead of me. All my dreams. All of my hopes. All my ambitions.

Through childhood then adolescence tomorrow always had the answers.

It seemed that tomorrow would never get here.

Always looking to tomorrow for life to begin. Never really living today as if it was anything to enjoy. Again, always looking to tomorrow for life to begin.

Through my teen years and into young adult all of a sudden it seemed that all I ever looked forward to was here, but, what do I do with it now that it's here?

Now that I'm here where are my dreams and hopes I had yesterday?

Today I am now an adult, looking. Looking back at a world of wonder. Everything is always behind me now. All my dreams. All my hopes. All my ambitions.

Through young adult then middle age, yesterday always had the answers.

It seemed that life had already passed me by.

Always looking to yesterday when life should have begun. Never really living today as if it was anything to enjoy. Again, always looking to yesterday when life should have begun.

Through my young adult years and into middle age all of a sudden it seemed that all I ever looked forward to was back there, but, what do I do with it now that it's back there?

Now that I'm here where do I go from here?


It's sad when youth can't wait to get grown and then, when grown, wishes to be youth again.

Life never stops for anyone to decide where or what they want to be.

Life is meant to be lived in the now whether young or old.

Dream of tomorrow but live for today!

Remember yesterday but live for today!

When you don't then you lose it all.

Yesterday is a memory & Tomorrow is but a dream, So live for today.

Remember yesterday for what it was, Plan for tomorrow & Live for today. It's all you have.

Don't ever assume that life is waiting on you. When you do by the time you look up you find that it has passed you by.

People get old eventually we all die.

We all have our allotted time on earth then it's time to move on to the next world whatever it is you have prepared for.

Parents brothers & sisters all eventually go the way of all mankind. Have you taken the opportunity to get to know them or allowed them the opportunity to know you?

Life is fleeting at best what have you spent all of your time doing. Was it worth it after all is said & done. Did you give those around you your best.

What is the most important thing that you have done in the lives of those around you?

If you died tomorrow did you make sure that your child knew that you love them?

How about your spouse? How about your parents or your brothers &/or sisters?

Is their anyone that would wonder, if something happened to you, because you never made sure they knew your feelings. Never made sure they knew you.

Is their something that you left undone?

Don't live life as if you are untouchable. People need to know. Enrich their lives and allow them to enrich yours.

In my mind do you know when my daughter was just born? Yesterday. The time passes so fast that it will pass you by if you let it because today my daughter is 22 years old and preparing to get married in October of 2005.

I wouldn't take for a single day of that 22 years with her but I do wish that I had savored it a lot more than I did.

I made mistakes and some of them might have been perty bad but some things I do have that NOBODY can take away from me are memories, her love and our relationship. She will never have to question if I love her nor I her. She learned from me how to love others because I 1st loved her.

Relationships don't happen, they are made.

Just because people are kin to you does not mean that you automatically have a relationship with them. You have got to build them and you build them one day at a time by being with them to enrich their lives with your presence and allow them to enrich your life, one day at a time.

Yesterday is gone, forget it. Start today to live your life. Dream of tomorrow but live for today!

Don't wait for tomorrow to start living because tomorrow may never come.

Don't look at yesterday and wish you had started living back then.

Look at today and start living in the here and now. Prepare for tomorrow but live today.

Every moment of your life is precious and G*d has a plan for you, but you have to be an active participant if you ever want to start living at all.

Start today to live. You don't have anything else to do and your only other choices just get you nowhere.

You can use this article in your ezine/newsletter or on your web site as long as the following sig. lines remain included with it. You may not alter it in any way, not even to correct the spelling. This is how I talk & I never place the o in G*d. (Religious reasons.)

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