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What Are You Doing This Halloween?

When it comes to Halloween there's no lack of variety in the things that you could do. From trick or treating (with the kids) to touring Haunted House attractions, finding something NOT to do would be more of a challenge.

So, where could you go and what could you do on All Hallows Eve? Here are some intriguing, exciting, relaxing and in some cases, just plain creepy ideas on what's available.

Take the kids out Trick or Treating - This is a great way to be a kid again yourself. Follow along and enjoy the scenery. Check out the yards and decorations as you pass. You may even get some candy yourself!

Dress up your yard and yourself - Get into the spirit of the occasion and decorate your yard or entranceway. Dress up in a costume and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and enjoy some of the inventive and adorable outfits they show up in.

Attend a costume party or host one yourself - Halloween is a growing business where adults are concerned. Get creative and put together a unique costume and attend a Halloween party. Better yet, plan to have one yourself.

Take a Haunted House tour - Many larger cities have several areas that are set up specifically as Haunted House tours. Designed to truly frighten and creep you out, you'd be amazed at the effort put into the whole setup and atmosphere of these places. It may become a yearly event that you won't want to miss out on.

Boo at the Zoo - If your city has a zoo and features this special evening event, gather up the kids and go check it out. Fun decorations, special activities and more are usually planned by the zoo personnel. It's a spootacular place to visit for both adults and kids, although certainly on the mild side.

All night horror flicks - Many theatres set up a special all-nighter of horror and mystery films. Usually they start at midnight and run through to morning, usually featuring three movies. A cult classic often shown is the Rocky Horror Picture Show, although this varies with the theatres. If you're prepared to stay awake, this is a great way to spend the evening with some friends.

Visit old cemeteries - What says "spooky" more than a dimly lit, creepy cemetery at night? Who knows what you'll see as you stroll past the various tombstones.

Pick a few neighborhoods and do a walking or driving tour - Take a look at how some people have spruced up their yard for Halloween night. This is a great way to get ideas on what you could do next year in your own yard. Just be careful if you drive by watching out for the children crossing the road.

Take a haunted hayride - Some farms provide haunted hayride tours on Halloween night. Driving past eerie, leafless trees, hearing the screech of an owl and rolling through moonlit fields, you may just see the unexpected. Often these are followed up by snacks and drinks at a bonfire back at the farm. What a cool way to spend the evening.

Have your own dusk to dawn movie fest - Get some friends together and rent 3 or 4 horror movies. Pop some popcorn, order a few pizzas, put out some cold drinks, get comfy and you're all set for a night of terror and suspense. Not sure what to rent? Check out this list of Haunted House Movies at http://www.halloweenhowl.c om/halloween-movies-haunted-houses.shtml

Get acquainted with some real ghosts - Almost every town or city has some local places that are haunted. Visit the library or buy a book that tells you where they are located. Then go check them out yourself. If you really want to get the bee-jeebers scared out of you, try to hook up with a paranormal investigative team for an evening. There's a lot of supernatural activity that happens on Halloween.

Curl up with a great horror or mystery novel - All by yourself this year? Rather than being scared stiff with a movie rental, how about curling up with a good mystery novel or suspense/horror book?

These are just a few ideas that will keep you occupied this Halloween. Use your imagination, plus talk with friends, family and co-workers and I'm sure you'll be able to come up with an even bigger list of things to do. Enjoy!


(c) 2005. Rose Smith is the owner of a website filled with Halloween party ideas, costumes, decorations, games, graphics, crafts and more. It's Halloween fun for all ages! Come visit us at:

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