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5 Things Your Christmas Table Should Not Be Without

Christmas dinner probably the most elaborate and complex dinners you will have to prepare all year. Chances are there will be many friends and family members attending so you will want to make sure everything is just right. In order to help you do this, I have compiled a list of 5 things which your Christmas dinner table should not be without. I can help you with the setting of your table, but the responsibility of actually cooking the dinner remains in your hands.

The following list illustrates five things that you won't want to forget at your Christmas dinner table this year:

  • Food - Obviously?.this one would be hard to forget. Nevertheless, it is very important and I want to make sure you have it on your table. There are many types of popular foods for Christmas dinner including roast turkey ham and many others. The food should be placed in the center of the table to begin with and then passed around the table from person to person until everyone has taken as much as they wish.

  • Drinks - There are many types of drink which will want to incorporate into your dinner. Many individuals choose to have wine or other alcoholic beverages, whereas others choose to have pop, juice or milk. Make sure you have plenty of all forms of beverages. It is also important to make sure you have the right glasses for each drink, someone who is drinking milk will not want to drink it out of a wine glass.

  • Napkins, Plates and Other Utensils - This category includes everything from napkins and plates to silverware and glasses. These are all very important and it can be very embarrassing if you forget to put any of these utensils at any seat around the table.

  • Crackers - No, I don't mean soda crackers. Christmas crackers are a great way to add fun and creativity to any Christmas meal. For those of you who are unaware, Christmas crackers are large paper items (which are designed to look somewhat like a large candy) which have a "spark stick" in the middle. You pull both ends of the stick at the same time and the cracker will make a loud noise. Inside you will find a treasure of some sort, a joke, as well as a tissue paper hat to put on your head. There are all different types of Christmas Crackers including really high-end ones. These are fun and your guests will be sure to enjoy!

  • Family and Friends - A Christmas dinner just wouldn't be a Christmas dinner without friends and family gathered all around the table. Go out on a limb this year and invite at least 3 more people than last year. If you're going to go out on this limb however, make sure you have enough seats around the table for all your guests.

    Now that you are aware of the necessities for your Christmas dinner table, relax and enjoy the day as much as possible. After all the work you've done you definitely deserve to sit back and have a drink of your own!

    Catherine Spelling is a retired interior designer who now uses her decorating talents to make holidays an eye catching event. She is a freelance writer for - a site that offers tips for decorating your Christmas tree, picking out Christmas decorations online, tips for choosing LED Christmas lights, and more.

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