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Special Events Recording in DVD Players Age

The proliferation of portable DVD players has dramatically changed the videography approach.

Digital era prompted people to make critical choices. Videotapes' life came to an end as the DVDs and DVD players appeared and replaced them by and large. To meet the emerging needs, new services and new jobs showed up, drawing out a growing industry.

Preserving for the future

If you really want to preserve your touching family records (weddings, births, anniversary moments) or you really need to preserve and share your business presentations, then you should definitely transfer onto DVD formats.

Old formats have been forsaken because:

  • old videotapes are much more fragile

  • over time the degradation is imminent

  • videotapes lose quality in case you make copies to try to preserve or share them, and maybe worse of them,

  • you arent't allowed to a easy access, play, and search.

On the other side, with a DVD format you can:

  • watch much more conveniently on DVD players (even on the road, with portables), desktops, laptops

  • DVD menus and chapter breaks allow you to browse through scenes and jump directly to a favorite clip. DVDs may include also other materials, such as photo slide shows and computer files. And maybe best of all advanatges of digital technology:

  • each copy you make is an precise duplicate of the original, so you can show and register your memories into the future.

    In other words, you have the possibility to realize personal optimized records.

    Well, who can do all these, at high standard ?

    • You, by our own. If you want your video transferred onto DVD with basic menus and chapters, you should ask for services like YesVideo and All you have to do is to send them the tapes. They are to digitize and process them into DVD format, burn them to disc, and then ship back to you what you asked for. The client is offered the posibility to get back the tapes from a store that represents one of these services. Or, in case you don't have enough time or required skills,

    • A professional video production or DVD authoring facility to make the job.

    Live Event Production Services

    By recording live award shows, live concerts, music festivals outdoor, corporate events and variety shows, entertainment industry has given a whole new significance to videography industry. There are now many professional companies doing this job at very high quality levels. They have to register/shoot and edit what is happening on the stage, but also:

    • to integrate various moments: the show itself, short interviews before and after, what is called "behind the scenes", very appreciate by the artists themselves and the audience, too

    • finally, to pack all formats: live orchestras, audio and video playback, television production, sound systems and put on a DVD format to deliver

    • to authorize the product

    Given the fact that these kind of video productions has additionally a documentary value, they are highly rated in entertainment industry. Besides,

  • the easiness of delivering and playing in home theater or on long trips by car

  • the compatibility and

  • the connectivity on different advanced players make live event productions very popular, too. And all these, thanks to the yielding DVDs revolution.

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