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Small Computers

Today, small form factor computers demolish the myth that bigger PCs are faster. Specially designed SFF computers from Ovi PC, like the Prometheus, deliver tower-crushing performance in one-third the space, and at the fraction of the price.

In today's world, the core of technological advancement lies in miniaturization and nano technology. Advancements in these areas are seen in our cell phones, PDAs, laptops, and even in the world of medicine. Unfortunately, the world of desktop computing has not adapted well to this new cutting edge technology. Many huge corporations, who should be at the forefront of this movement, are in fact the ones lagging behind. Today we still see huge 50lb desktop towers paraded in retail outlets all across the United States. Even worse is the saturation of the market of sub-par products like $299.99 desktop towers that were outdated 2 years before they were advertised. Many computer companies are in need of change and reform to continue to keep up with new technology.

In addition, one of the bonuses of miniaturization is cost cutting. Researchers and manufacturers are continually finding ways to save money by utilizing new technology. Production today is faster, more streamlined, more efficient, and costs less than it did 1 year ago. Yet the majority desktop computer market has been slow to take on these advancements, if at all.

Fortunately, companies like Ovi Corporation are helping lead the way with smaller, faster, and more cost effective computers. Their small form factor computers sit at the top of the ladder for system performance and size. With features including the latest dual-core processors, dual-channel DDR2 533MHz memory and high-bandwidth PCI-Express graphics cards, their models deliver the power gamers and computer buffs yearn for. Furthermore, some models like the Prometheus Pro can hold up to 4GB of DDR2 memory, three hard drives, high-definition audio cards and cutting-edge Matrix RAID Storage Technology. With Ovi PC, you get more features and technology than systems costing twice as much.

In due time the rest of the computer market will follow suit, but it takes a lot more time to turn an aircraft carrier, than a yacht. Fortunately for the computer market, companies like Ovi Corporation are working quietly behind the scenes in an attempt to bring SFF computers to the forefront of mainstream computing.

For more info on small form factor computers visit

Prometheus and Prometheus Pro

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