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The Great American Dream Challenge: Faith Restored

Years ago, people came to America in pursuit of their dreams and still do to seek a better life. Work hard, stay focused and you can achieve the American Dream. But our nation, in fact our world, changed on September 11, 2001. Our hearts and spirits were broken, fear and cynicism crept into our collective consciousness, and many are still in need of restoration.

To prove that we are still a country that dreams, I launched the Great American Dream Challenge. Nationwide, people are pledging to use the next twelve months to embark upon new dreams, demonstrate our belief in these dreams and to actually attaining them. What is unique and exciting is that we have forged a community with a common bond dedicated to helping each other realize these dreams. It's called My Dream Circle.

Here's How It Works

? Identify a dream that you are passionate or excited about. Find something that matters to you.

? Put it in writing, tell another person, or post it on my website.

? Join a community like that is committed to helping you overcome obstacles and achieve results.

? Learn to make specific requests and share your resources.

? Create a system for support and accountability.

? Take serious action.

Even if you tend to be overly realistic, you still have dreams or things that you want for yourself and others. During tough times or those days when there is no evidence that your dream is possible, much less a good idea, it's essential to have a place to turn. In our community, help is available 24/7 via our website, phone calls with me, other experts and coaches. Members have a cadre of specialists on hand to provide the gentle or tough nudge needed.

Throughout the entire year, we will keep abreast of stories, obstacles and wins, but then we'll gather to commemorate something more substantial than just our personal accomplishments. We will have raised the proverbial bar because when we see that our dreams can come true, we are willing to dream bigger dreams.

The Reality

Many of us think, "I'll believe in my dream when I see that it's a sure thing or at least when there's proof that it's likely to happen." But the secret to living a "dream come true" life is to believe in your dream simply because it matters to you. In other words, looking for certainty "out in the world," is not the place to begin. The place to look is in your own heart. Choose to believe in your dream. Then, take action to demonstrate (to yourself and others) that you really do believe.

The reality is we all have good days and bad. Personally, there are days that I forget to trust, days that I get distracted and forget my dreams, and days when the doubters and dream killers (internally or externally) become so overwhelming I want to give up. That's when I turn to My Dream Circle, to others who help me remember and reclaim my belief in myself and in my dreams. This community has assisted me through hard times and I continue to do the same for them daily.

Now, with members from all over the world, My Dream Circle provides support through ongoing encouragement, coaching, inspiration and most importantly, accountability for taking risks. There is even a Dream Fund available. We are finding new dreams, partners, investors, volunteers, answers, creative ideas, mentors, friends, and fellow dreamers. But beyond networking, educating, challenging and celebrating, we are a community with a shared commitment that is profoundly impacting lives.

Your Invitation

If we bring our intentions, offer support and resources to aid each other, what could happen? Just reading this might activate a healthy cynic, but during a time when many have lost hope, are afraid of dreaming or taking risks, this is the essential time for us to be bold. What would you do if you believed in yourself? What might you change if you believed in your dreams? And how would you alter your life if you knew people would stand by and help you to achieve your heart's desire?

Find out by going to where you can get what you need to achieve any dream. You don't have to go it alone. Even if you are in need of a new dream, we're here to offer a hand. Our goal is that everyone who participates in the Great American Dream Challenge will be successful in reaching their dreams.

It's unheard of and outrageous! Yes, it's a dream. We intend to prove that as a nation we still have faith and dreams. And we demonstrate that our dreams are important by pursuing them. The conversation about dreams will change from one of fear, uncertainly and doubt to one of hope and possibility as we dream out loud for all to hear.

Marcia Wieder is a best-selling author and speaker who is known as America's Dream Coach®. She's known for giving inspiring and moving talks to AT&T, The Gap and American Express. She appeared several times on Oprah and The Today Show. She's also a syndicated columnist for The San Francisco Chronicle.

For more information, to receive a free audio e-book, "Jump Start Your Dream", or to join her community of Dreamers, visit

Come Experience a Powerful Weekend Designed to Help You Exceed Your Expectations & Achieve Your Dreams, visit to register for the event.

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