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Do Not Let Anyone Dissuade You From Reaching Your Goals!

Years back when I was formulating my plans for life, I heard the statement, "Reach for nothing and you will be certain to get it." Admittedly, my goals during my youth were rather vague and uncertain. However, several years of experimenting with different goals has helped me to refine them into something workable and realistic. Now, nothing can dissuade me in my quests, even the comments of the naysayers. Here are four tips that are helping me to reach my goals:

1. Be realistic. I have heard the statment said, "If you want to be President of the United States, just put your mind to it and you will be." Well, that sounds nice. However, it is an unrealistic goal for most people. Sure, someone will become president, but not everyone has the capacity, fortitude, desire, or willpower to see to it. Plus, presidents are elected and this particular goal depends on the will [read votes] of the people. Instead, if you want to be president, have a fall back plan that includes a lifetime of public service. Once in public service, you may end up refining those plans to something more manageable but just as an important. An example of this would be your managing a charitable organization. No, you wouldn't be the president of the U.S., but you would still have the opportunity to impact people for the greater good. A laudable goal at that!

2. Be ready to refine. Life is not a straight line from Point A to Point B to Point C and beyond. There are so many curves, twists, turns, roadblocks, and other obstacles out there. The key is to size each change up to see how it measures against your goals. Whether you are religious or not, it could be that a "still small voice" is attempting to guide you in your pursuits. You may not need to abandon a goal, rather you may need to slow down or come to a temporary stop. Time will test the strength and reasonableness of a goal and -- if it is to be -- time will win out.

3. Be prepared for opposition. Great people of the ages have pressed on with their goals by having a relentless, unending desire to see the goal reached. Abe Lincoln became president after losing several political battles earlier in his life. Martin Luther King, Jr. spearheaded the civil rights movement which overturned a culture of separation of the races. Sally Ride broke through barriers by becoming the first American woman in space. Each person had something in common: they persevered, often over the strong objections of naysayers. While naysayers can seem to be your enemy, look at them as your friend: use their objections as a catalyst to press forward.

4. Be ready to claim victory. Yes, at some point you will have met your goals. Once achieved, acknowledge the long, difficult road you took, take a look back, and be prepared to start on your next goal!

Matt Keegan is a web designer and marketer who is in the process of working toward several goals including managing a successful business. Matt manages a popular business niche community for flight attendants at

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