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8 Things To Think About Before You Start Advertising Profitably In Ezines!

Advertising in ezines is possibly the most effective way of generating fast sales. Ezine advertising also consumes very little of your time. However, ezine advertising does consume your money and can consume it very quickly if you're not careful. Here are 8 things, which if you think carefully about, will ensure that ezine advertising does not cost you more than you earn.

1. Who is your target audience?

Be sure to identify this early on. Do not make the mistake of thinking that everyone will be interested in your product. Your target audience are those people who would benefit from your product or service because these are the people who are most likely to make a purchase. Advertising to a targeted audience will result in a great amount of interest and a lot of sales.

2. Which ezine should I advertise in?

Choose an ezine which is made up of subscribers who fit in with your target audience. The closer your targeted audience and the ezine subject, the more sales you will make. Also, if you are looking to advertise in a particular ezine, subscribe to it. Do some research on how often subscribers purchase from the publisher's recommendations because this will give you a good idea of how effective it is to advertise in this particular ezine.

3. How much are you prepared to pay?

Set yourself a budget. This is extremely important because overspending could have a serious effect on your overall profits. Look to divide your budget up as well to advertise in several ezines instead of only one. This way, ezines which have been bad to advertise in will be compensated for those which are particularly good to advertise in. Additionally, you will know where to advertise next time.

4. Should you track your ads?

Of course you should. This is how you can tell which ezines have been particularly successful to advertise in and which ones are those to stay clear of next time. If you aren't tracking your ads you are making a big mistake. Go to: to track your ads.

5. How many subscribers does the ezine have?

This is a very common mistake which ezine advertisers make; they assume that the more subscribers the ezine has, the more profitable advertising in it will be. Generally, this is untrue. What you should be looking at is the quality of content in the ezine. If the quality is good then you can guarantee that most of the subscribers will actually be reading the ezine and consequently will read your ad.

6. Are you going to use autoresponders in your ad?

It is essential to put your autoresponder email address into your ad. When readers are looking at your ad, the majority of them will not be persuaded to buy at a first glance. However, this does not mean that they are not interested. You need to follow up with these people and the easiest way to do this is to capture their email address using an autoresponder. Use your ad not only to make immediate sales, but to make sales in the long run.

7. What type of your ads are best?

If you wish to test your ad or try it out to see its effect then put a tracking URL on it and use a classified, top sponsor or bottom ad. These are the cheapest ads but bring in the poorest results. If you've done necessary research and are looking to sell directly from your ad then consider using a solo mailing ad. A solo mailing ad is an individual email sent out to all subscribers with your ad in it and no one else's. These ads bring in the best results but are inevitably the most expensive.

8. Is your ad effective?

Before spending huge amounts of money on ezine advertising, be sure that your ad is effective so that you can guarantee that it will lead to a huge number of sales. Just make sure that your headline catches the eye so that your ad gets noticed. Capture your reader's interest and desire by using persuasive, positive words such as free, profits, breakthrough etc? Make sure that you give contact details or an 'additional information' link so that readers can find out more about your product or service. For a more detailed explanation on how to create profit pulling ads go to:

For more information on this subject or about making money online go to

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Thank you for reading

William Johnston

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