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Creativity & Entrepreneurship: The Secret to Discovering Your Purpose in Life!©

Hello Creative Entrepreneurs!

In the second course on Creativity & Entrepreneurship we begin with a guided meditation that I created entitled: Dream Keeper-Gift Giver©. You ask: what in the world does this mean? Well, it's a very profound secret I discovered about myself fifteen years ago. After doing a lot of self-discovery and embarking on a long vision quest to heal the hurts of my childhood and past, in search of my true self; my authentic self and to try to figure out what my purpose on this earth was.

I was also seeking my own understanding of God, our creator. You may call him (or her) a Higher Being, a Higher Power or Creative Intelligence. In this search, that still unfolds every day, I discovered many, many things.

But what I bring to this course is one of the unique things I learned about myself and my own spirit and the limitless depths of my creativity and personal power. I learned that the child within was alive and well. And so is yours.

Remember when you were a kid and had so many dreams? You were going to be a dancer, a policeman, an astronaut, a doctor, a scientist, a teacher, an actor, an artist. Remember you were going to conquer the world? Remember how fearless you were? How fearless we all were? Remember when you were a young entrepreneur? Be it President and CEO of your own lemonade stand, or a door-to-door salesman selling Girl Scout cookies or Christmas candy for your school.

Yes, those were entrepreneurial endeavors. You had, or created a product. You created a store-front or went door-to-door. You set your price, you advertised by hanging you little sign on the table, you promoted it usually by word of mouth, and you received a payment. Maybe a profit too if you were lucky and didn't eat or drink all the profits. But above all you had fun! You interacted with people, proved you were a good sales person and built self-confidence and self-esteem. Remember how happy it made you?

You see that child is the dreamer and the keeper of your dreams. As we grew older we lost touch with that precious and sacred child. It's easy to do. Some of us became disconnected from our child-spirit because of childhood, trauma or abuse or fear. Perhaps your parents divorced, or there wasn't enough food to eat. Perhaps we lost a loved one or there was physical or psychological abuse. Perhaps you were put-down all the time. Perhaps you had a learning disability. The list can go on and one. Each one of us is different.

But what we all have in common is all of us were programmed and conditioned by our families, our schools, our religion, or society in general. As we grew older, we went off on another path-from the original dreams we had--most likely we went down a path that someone else chose, or paved, for us.

Most of us have simply forgotten that child-spirit because of everyday stresses like children to feed and educate; bills to pay or debt, which brings so much fear and bondage that we can't even think straight, so how could we possibly remember our original dreams, our child-spirit?

And now, today, the state of the world, as projected into our lives is so violent, so chaotic and fear-based than many of us have become numb, or worse, paralyzed by fear. This is the intent: to separate you from your own divine spirit, your pure spirit, your child-spirit from what is real, and true, and pure.

I could go on and on about this, but I think you understand what I'm saying.

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JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY President & CEO JJK Enterprises - John Kennedy Enterprises, Inc. Founder, JJK School of Entrepreneurship? (A Business Franchise)

International award-winning speaker, 2004 Presidential Candidate, author, marketing guru and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Mr. Kennedy is the author of Creativity & Entrepreneurship© and The 72-Hour Entrepreneur?

As a journalist and writer, JJK has more than 100 news bylines to his credit, and more than 5,000 article have been written about him worldwide.

His work and inspiring life-giving messages and speeches have reached television, radio, newspaper and live audiences of more than 100 million people in the United States, Latin America, Canada, Mexico, England, India, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland, Africa, and other countries.

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