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Raid Your Autoresponder Attic For Content

Why you need new website content.

Finding or creating good content for our websites is a chore. It is, though, a necessary chore, for the following reasons:

? Search engines want to provide quality content to their searchers. Your website is likely to get a higher ranking in the major search engines if you can help satisfy that need.

? If you can provide relevant content regularly, especially if you can update your website daily, then the search robots will be back often, maybe more than once a day, delving deep into your site.

? Your website visitors come in search of content relevant to their interest. If you can provide that content, in both quality and quantity, then you have a better chance of them returning in the future. If on their return there is fresh content, they are even more likely to become loyal visitors.

Using a ready made source of content.

There are a variety of sources of content for your website:

? From your own mind and hands.

? Custom written web copy or articles.

? Articles off the shelf in article directories.

? RSS feeds, yours or others who have syndicated their work.

It is possible, though, you already have some potential website content written and waiting for you, in your own attic. Your autoresponder attic, that is.

If you use an autoresponder for sales letter series, information series, newsletters or ezines, then it may be worth taking a fresh look at what you already have there, in the way of written copy. If there is anything that is relevant to your website, which is very likely, and you have not already put it on the website, then why not do so? It will give the material extra exposure, and may even bring you a few extra sales you would not otherwise have had.

Some tips in using your autoresponder letter series on your website.

Here are a few tips in using your autoresponder letter series:

? Use only series that are relevant to the website, and have appropriate keywords.

? Consider only copying one letter a day to your website. If you have a long series, doing them all at once may be daunting and become an unfinished job as you get bored with it. One a day will make it a small daily job of minutes rather than hours. More importantly, though, it will alert the search engine robots that there are frequent updates going on at your website. They will be back for more.

? If you would prefer the autoresponder content not to be read by your usual site visitors, just the robots, then make it unlikely that a human will find it by navigation. However, a keyword search through a search engine may still take a visitor there, and you never know, they may become a customer.

? While you are going about this task, why not create an RSS feed with this series of letters on? This is especially useful if it is a long series. So long as you have notified the RSS directories of your feed, you will get people viewing your autoresponder series spam free and cost free. With any luck, other people may even display it on their website. I recently discovered my RSS feed, of one of my autoresponder sales letter series, on a popular home business opportunity website, with an Alexa ranking in the top 100,000. That can't be bad business. Even if only 30 people a day read that RSS feed, that's close to a thousand a month. Imagine getting that number of leads through Google Adwords at $1 a time?

By using the above ideas, your autoresponder letters will be giving you extra value, and you will be giving extra food to the search engine robots, and maybe your human website visitors.


Roy Thomsitt is the owner, webmaster and author of He has a background in offline advertising, with practical experience of working from home in marketing since 1995, plus 2 years of experience with online marketing. He has a substantial background in financial and project management, implementing new office, accounting, computer and management systems. He is an English expat, now resident in the Philippines.

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