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10 Second Internet Person, sound familiar?

Some people do not understand the Internet idea of online commerce, but then again some people do not understand themselves either. To fully understand Internet Commerce you really only need to monitor your "clicking habits" for a few days to see where you are going and what if anything you are buying. The modern Internet Consumer is there and gone, in a click of any eye, if you do not grab us with good stuff, SEE YA, we are out of here and the speed of light. However you can also make money on that fact and Google AdSense is just one way. Before you go hog wild on the Internet concept of making money in a virtual world you need to educate yourself a little; one of the books I recommend is:

"The 10 Second Internet Man@ger, Survive, thrive & drive your company in the information age" By Mark Breier.

Mark is one of the key people behind, an early .com that won. Why because of their team and there relentlessness. Armin A. Brott was a co-author and former Marine, Commodities Trader and MBA. He is also insane, just like the modern day Internet Person. It appears that is what it takes, these guys are as crazy as the Blitz Marketing Team at The Car Wash Guys in the deployment of their market dominating campaigns.

The book dives into instant information, use of inter-office e-mail, dealing with high-strung individuals all kicking butt. It talks of balance, fun on the team and winning. He sights the venture capital game, investment banker crowd and all the people it takes to please the crowd. They go into an in-depth evaluation of customer feedback and sales in the e-commerce world. If every .COM CEO would have read this book fewer would be gone today. The book is about a five hour read but worth it.

It goes into everything from the tricks of the trade, strategies to beat the competition to tactics that are necessary to move mountains. Some of these strategies have changed but the concept behind them remains the same.

I recommend the book to everyone, but feel that some companies are even more dedicated to winning than they were at I thought that some of the hard work complaints were invalid because that is what it takes and that is life. If you cannot cope get out of the fire, strong survive. I got the feeling that some of these guys at Amazon were yuppy pricks and whimps on the fire line; but their way worked for them, so hats off to their team. We work that hard everyday at my company and you probably do to; they did it using other peoples money, big deal. But no matter what you think they did do it indeed. If it is really that tough on them then do not take the money in the first place. They asked for it and they got it. At least they were willing to pull though on their commitments to the shareholders and drive hard at the market.

All in all this book was good and had some great advice for managing e-mail, electronic communication, when not to have a meeting, when to get a life, when to ask for more, when and how far to push the troops, what to say to the media, investors, VC, and investment bankers. How investment bankers use your information on other projects and why it is important to make deals fast and why loose lips sink ships. I could not agree more with 80% of this book. The other 20% was information only important to a .COM or to Amazon itself. Some of the stories to illustrate points in this book were great and pointed to the real life inside of this fast passed company. Next on the reading list is, the story of the bookseller itself.

I recommend this book to anyone sitting on their butt and wondering what it takes to survive and to win in the age of the Internet. It is fun to win but the stakes are high and only a few can actually do it. So buy it, read it and think on it, thanks, click out to your right on one of the side bar items. SEE YA

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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