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The Things That UK Lenders Like to See on Your Credit File, (and? What They Don?t Like to See!)

Lenders are quite fussy about what they like to see on your credit report. So much so that you will have a hard time to meet their high expectations. But what exactly are they looking for? In this article we take a look at one aspect of your credit history that lenders have a keen eye out for.

Most revolving loans, loan accounts and credit cards will show a monthly payment pattern describing your history for up to 6 years, although often only the last 3 years are visible on your credit history. Usually a revolving credit account or credit card account will be shown as a row of numbers, each one representing a single payment month. Often '0' is used to show - on time, '1' is used to show 30 days late, '2' - 60 days late, and so on through to 9, which is generally indicating an account that has been written-off or sent to a collection agency. You should note that different credit reference agencies employ different codes but the agency concerened will normally give you a full explanation of the codes used.

As an example a well kept credit card should look something like this:


Even though some payments were late the card is generally well kept - lenders don't normally expect perfection so the above example looks pretty good.

Conversely a bad credit card might appear something like this:


Notice that even at the start the card was maintained erratically and unreliably, often falling into arrears. Eventually this lead to the card becoming delinquent and written off. Lenders don't like to see this at all.

Having credit cards and using them regularly and wisely, shows the lender that you are a model borrower. You are likely to be awarded around 50-100 bonus points for every loan or credit card that has been well maintained and/or paid back on time.

Jack Miles, Author of "The Complete U.K. Credit Repair Guide", produced the guide to help people restore a poor credit rating and enjoy the benefits of good credit. The guide shows subscribers step by step how to repair bad credit history, how loan application forms are scored, how to remove court judgments (CCJ's) and also how to best fill apply for loans to gain the best chance of approval.

For more information please visit The Complete UK Credit Repair Guide at

This article is Copyright 2005 Jack Miles.

Reprint Rights: This article may be reprinted only in full (unedited), and complete with author's name and active links. All other rights reserved.

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