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How To Start A Second SEPERATE Credit File!

Your personal credit file is separated from those with the same or similar names by several factors, including a driver's license number, birth date, or spouse's name. Although these are three important identifying marks, the number one identifying mark on your credit report is your social security number. Since there is no one else in the United States with your number, your file is easily identified. The chances are very small that the social security office in your area will issue a second number just because somewhere down the road you messed up your credit. However, it is impossible that a second personal file would be created.

The second kind of credit file is the business credit file. Business credit files are identified by the business name and by a computer generated and assigned identification number. Your business file is listed with credit bureaus like Dun and Bradstreet and Stanley and Porous, etc. A Company credit record can be built and used just like a personal one. The idea is to take a hobby or trade that you possess, and start a new small business for which you can create a name and a new credit file. There are hundreds of small businesses that can be run from your home. These small businesses have the potential to generate high part-time or full time earnings. I suggest visiting your nearest bookstore or library to obtain a book on the numerous business opportunities available.

Once you have established a business name and idea your next step is to build a credit history for it. This is done using basically the same techniques that you would use for building your personal credit record. It does not matter how bad your personal credit record is. The business will be judged on its own record. I just recently had a student obtain an American Express card through her small business, which is only nine months old even though her personal record is riddled with bad credit. As you will see, the key is to maintain a stable payment history with all credit accounts.

Please visit: for more info on starting your second credit file!!!

Chris Samuels
CEO Net100

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