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Choosing The Best Credit Card To Apply For

Always shop around to get the best deal when choosing which credit card to apply for. If you don't do your due diligence you could end up with a card that has too high of an interest rate, that has an unnecessarily high annual membership fee, etc. Here are some things to look for when checking out the different credit card offers you may receive in the mail.

1. Credit Card Terms:

When using a credit card you are in effect borrowing money from the credit card company. The terms and conditions of credit that you agree to when you apply for the credit card will affect your overall cost. Compare terms and fees before you apply.

2. Annual Percentage Rate:

The APR is the yearly rate that is charged for money borrowed on the card. It must be shown on the application and on billing statements. Some plans are "variable rate" programs. They can change with interest rates or other economic indicators. Some cards also have a short term low interest rate fee that rises 3, 6, or 12 months after you have had the card. Does the card you are looking at getting have this and if so what will you be being charged(APR) after the rate goes up.

3. Free Period:

Do you start getting charged interest from the moment you use the card or is there a "grace period," a free period that lets you avoid finance charges by paying your balance in full before the due date. A credit card can be a real nice way of getting "free" money. You do have to watch out though for the cards that don't offer the "grace period." If your card includes a 'grace period', the issuer must mail your bill at least 14 days before the due date so you'll have enough time to pay.

4. Annual Fees:

What annual membership or participation fees do you have to pay. Most cards have these fees.

5. Transaction Fees and Other Charges:

Many other fees can also be added onto the card and knowing these can make the difference in having a card you want and one you could quite easily live without. For example: some issuers charge a fee for a cash advance, if you make a late payment, or exceed your credit limit. Some charge a monthly fee whether or not you use the card.

6. Other considerations:

How high is the credit limit?
How widely is the card accepted?

All these tips can help you get the best deal when shopping for a credit card. Just remember to look at the fine print on anything that you sign. This is the easiest way to come out the winner and getting the card you truly want is what it's all about...Because Money Matters

James Mercer runs the Because Money Matters blog, It is updated each day Monday-Friday giving advice on financial matters that are important to everyone. From credit cards, home loans, stocks, commodities, to scams and scammers that are trying to rip you off. Come on in and check out the advice that could make your life much richer.

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