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Whats in it for me if I Hire A Coach?

1. An unshakable foundation:

Create and build your life from the ground up. A foundation built on solid ground will support anything and everything you take on, go through and/or desire.

2. Your personal negotiables and non-negotiables:

People who live in integrity and with self-awareness enjoy rewarding careers and relationships. Knowing and living your standards and values allows you to choose commitments based on your experience, passions and availability.

3. Knowing what your core strengths are:

Set yourself up to work and live smart?not hard. Research shows that people who discover and develop their signature strengths tend to be happier.

4. The ability to achieve desired results:

Goals should be personal, realistic, intimate, spiritual and measurable. Coaches are a navigation system for forward motion and in partnership with you; we design the HOW of achieving your results. Having a partner in this allows you to work towards accomplishment and not have accomplishment working you.

5. Supportive Environments:

Learn to set up your personal and career environments to offer support, strength and inspiration. Environments built around your values and passions bring lower levels of stress, clutter and waste, as well as increased energy, creativity and productivity.

6. Enhanced communication:

Be heard, understood and valued. Learn tools and skills that leave others with clarity and knowledge of who you are, what you bring and what you can do. Create the acknowledgment, respect and partnership to be a successful leader or co-worker and to thrive in rewarding long-term relationships.

7. Expanded awareness:

The brightest stars in career and community always surround themselves with mentors and coaches who offer constructive feedback. Two pairs of eyes and ears bring a much larger picture into focus, which eliminate the "blind spots" we all have, whether they are assets or liabilities.

8. Larger living:

Help eliminate fear, doubt, overwhelm and confusion. People reach for more when they have a supportive partner who stands by them. Live empowered with possibilities instead of waiting for the "right time and place" or "needing just a little more information."

9. Increased earning potential:

Develop and strengthen your leadership and work ethic to create the income you are qualified for and deserve.

10: The three D's:

Discovering the greatness that has always been yours. Being extraordinary is your birthright.

Developing full self-expression, relationships and experiences.

Delivering a legacy that leaves a reputation of quality, inspiration and excellence.

My name is Elizabeth Tull and I am an Excellence Coach who's areas of focus are Legacy Craft and Design, Communication and Sober Living. I have been in the recovery community for 14 years and a business owner that is blessed and humbled to earn my living as a private and group coach. I have trained, developed and led many workshop support teams into creating successful lives and communities based on high personal standards, values and inspiration.

In The News:

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Sun, 08 Dec 2019 16:06:00 +0000
A "horrific" factory fire in India is believed to have been caused by an electrical short circuit - as relatives of workers trapped inside identified victims from photos on police officers' phones.

Trump says Kim is too smart for hostile act after 'missile test'
Sun, 08 Dec 2019 04:41:00 +0000
President Donald Trump says North Korea's leader "has too much to lose" to act in a hostile way, after the secretive state's latest military test.

Landslip strands 'up to 1,000' at popular tourist site in New Zealand
Sun, 08 Dec 2019 22:21:00 +0000
A large landslip has left up to 1,000 people stranded at a popular tourist site in New Zealand, according to the country's civil defence.

Saudi Arabia lifts ban on gender segregation in restaurants
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Women will no longer have to be segregated from men in restaurants in Saudi Arabia, according to the country's government.

Travel disruption as Storm Atiyah hits UK and Ireland
Sun, 08 Dec 2019 20:44:00 +0000
Storm Atiyah has hit Wales, southwest England and Ireland, forcing flight cancellations and diversions, and causing power outages in several areas.

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