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What makes attitude so important? Why not just learn some "seduction techniques" to get the girl? The answer is simple: learning techniques (or having expensive clothing and cars) without improving your attitude is like wrapping a cheap gift in expensive wrapping paper. It still looks expensive on the outside, but when the girl "unwraps" you, she'll find out that you were faking it all along. This might work for a one-night stand, but if you want anything more, you'll need to change both on the "inside" and "outside".

Here are some pointers for improving your attitude:

1) Get rid of your desperacy. You don't NEED a girlfriend. If having a girlfriend or constant sex is the only thing that keeps you alive, then you've got problems. Besides, women can smell desperacy like sharks smell blood.

2) If you're going to do it, do it. Don't mope and whine and wait around for the "perfect moment". Like a girl? Ask her out immediately. Don't be paralyzed and spend weeks wringing your hands over the situation. If she says yes, then you've succeeded. If she says no, you saved yourself a few weeks of useless moping and thinking. Taking action is the essence of confidence.

3) "Be yourself" does not mean you should just sit on the couch watching porn. It simply means you shouldn't pretend to be someone else. You should still strive to improve yourself; your appearance, personality, career, and everything else that matters. Pretending to be a top-shot lawyer when you're just a legal clerk is fake; improving yourself is genuine.

4) Don't be afraid of rejection. So you asked the girl out and she said no. So what? There's 3 billion more girls out there, and 150 million in the United States alone. If you ever want to succeed, you'll need to face rejection. Don't take it personally either; you can't expect every girl to like you. Do you like every girl on this planet?

Attitude is perhaps the most important factor when it comes to dating. Remember that attitude is essentially your personality. You might look good, have plenty of money, and drive a fast car, but if your attitude isn't right, the only women you'll be dating are the ones you pay for.

Daniel Okula is a writer and a web publisher for dating articles from Find more similar articles on his website.

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