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Wanted: A Diva for the Job of a Lifetime!

"When I was a child, I always thought the world was mine, A stomping ground for me, full of opportunities. I always had this attitude that I was going to go out into the world and do all the things I wanted to do." ?Madonna

So, what happens to the diva or Adonis in us? What happens to the girl or boy who is convinced of their career choices, bold enough to use their imagination, and powerful enough to take risks and survive setbacks?

The world gets a hold of us, that's what. And before we know it, it is all about fitting in, safety at all cost - making ourselves small so others wouldn't feel uncomfortable, rolling up our boldness in favor of security, or what we think is security. In short, we make a trade off.

So what is the very first step in turning our career paths around? It all starts with a perspective makeover. Get rid of that drab black and white, all-or-nothing thinking you wrap yourself in every day! Hit the stage with a new and colorful perspective! We need to fully awaken the child inside of us but with our adult sense of perspective.

See, children are all about the black or white, always and never, all or nothing, either-or attitude. If a child fails to get what it wants they feel as if they are just going to die!!! Which of course we adults know is NOT true. But we haven't leveraged the Diva or divine aspect in us to actually act as if we know this! Your divine self knows that life is NOT either-or, all or nothing?so calling on your inner Diva or Adonis shifts that perspective!

OK so I hear you?how do you go about adopting this new perspective? First write down every reason you can think of for why you don't have the things in life that you really, really want! A new job, a promotion, more money?

Next write down any fears attached to these desires. For example, "I want a great job but I'm afraid to change my current job, or I'm afraid I'll never get the job I want, or I'm afraid I won't pass the schooling or training needed for this position."

Now, identify where you are in all-or-nothing thinking! Underneath every fear, my Divas and Adonis' is a misconception?a perspective that says. "I know the outcome will be bad." But do you really know this? Couldn't it be just as likely that the outcome will be good? Or even better than you thought?

I am not telling you it will always be good?or bad. Somewhere in the middle is where most of life's choices shake out. Being conscious of this perspective is the first step to adopting a true Diva-like outlook?one that says, "I have a 50-50 chance of getting what I want and those aren't bad odds!"

About The Author

Merci Miglino is well qualified to help you take the next step to accomplish what you want in your professional and personal life. Merci was educated as a teacher and worked as a journalist, paralegal, communications director and campaign manager. She has also been on the front lines of the retail, hospitality and advertising industries. Armed with this background Merci is a noted speaker, trainer and career coach. She is also a facilitator of the Personal CatalystTM , a unique, web-based life and career design tool that inspires extraordinary achievement. As if that were not enough, she has written a book, From Doormat to Diva© Taking Center Stage in your life. This woman knows success, personally and professionally, and she knows how to help you find it too.

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