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Resume Tips To Take You From SAHM to WAHM

When looking for a telecommuting position, it is very important to have your resume in tip-top shape. This is often the only thing that a potential employer has to base a hiring decision on since they most likely will not be interviewing you in person, your resume has to make that great first impression for you.

When your resume comes across the fax line or is opened in an email, it needs to be presented as professionally as possible. Besides the obvious typos and misuse of words, your resume needs to be highly organized and make a great impression as quickly as it reaches your potential employers hands. With some organizational skills and a little work your resume can be the one that stands out.

Where should you start, I would suggest starting with a list of your skills. Most people would probably not start in that manner but I think that it gives you a more positive basis to work from. When I speak of skills, I don't just mean how many words you type or that you can operate a hundred programs on your computer. Use skills from volunteering with every organization from the school PTO to your church. You might be surprised when you really stop and think of everything that you learned while being an officer in the PTO or organizing the volunteers for the Little League concession stand. All of these are skills can be effectively used when organizing your resume. Not only do they require leadership and organizational skills but an ability to work well with others.

Now that you have your skills listed, you should be pretty proud of yourself. Sometimes making a list of your attributes is the hardest part. We should all know what year we graduated and when we finally got the nerve to resign from that dreaded 9-5 office position.

Next, I would recommend making a list of all previous positions with your job title as well as a brief description. Make sure that you use some "key words" that will easily grab the attention of the eyes scanning your resume. If you don't have a solid work history , I would recommend a functional resume format. The functional format highlights your skills rather than the time line of your work history.

Remember to see your resume as a marketing tool. On a billboard you only get a few key words to catch the attention of the traffic speeding by. Your resume needs to serve the same purpose. It needs to spark the interest of the potential employer so that they will want to know more about you and your assets. That is how you land the interview.

Kim Bauer is the President and Founder of A Work at home web site that focuses on researching and providing legitimate telecommuting job leads to her members. Keeping parents with their children physically while providing for them financially is the goal.

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