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How to Access Employers through Proposal Marketing

Use Proposal Marketing and you'll be your own hot spot, opening gateways previously inaccessible. Hook up with those who have the power to hire you. Present a history or even an achievement-driven resume and your coverage is limited. Send a proposal to employer prospects and you'll gain more scalability to customize a solution to their business challenges. Sync with decision makers' needs and high-speed your career campaign.

Job Search scalability reduces emotional cost and physical effort. Employers are sick and tired are hearing the same old tune of "Hire me," "Hire me," "Hire me." A non-personalized vanilla marketing approach will guarantee you bad reception with an outcome as dizzying as a dog chasing its tail.

Job search scalability on the other hand, is driven by employer demand and allows customization to a targeted employer's needs. This in turn, capitalizes on your limited resources, time and energy, by creating a strong interoperability between you and a decision maker. Your proposal builds a sturdy foundation to mutually exchange information and do so with accuracy, effectiveness and consistency.

Proposal Marketing, a primary interface with job search scalability, delivers a clear channel message by beaming a strong signal that you:

? Grasp how they can exploit new business opportunities

? Know how they can develop ways for them to stay competitive

? Understand relationships between new product intros and lean operations

Develop a "Proposal Letter" (also known in some circles as a "Letter Resume") which identifies specific challenges unique to the targeted employer's market or to the industry. Offer a free personalized solution and become a beneficial powerhouse of intelligent resource to them.

Here's what you need to do to generate quality interviews. No matter what industry you're targeting, mastermind a great Proposal Letter by illustrating your cross-platform knowledge in areas of:

? Client / customer service

? Financial and strategic planning

? Marketing and business development

? Decision making through consensus-building

? Short and long-term project and goals' prioritization

Boost your perceived contribution by adding bandwidth to your proposal. Show prospects how you can help that organization improve its public image. Introduce ways the company can be a "hero" in its community. We live in a low-trust world. When a company is viewed by the public as socially-responsible and connected, its revenues and profits soar.

Employers want positive change agents, not unmanageable anarchists. Create a proposal marketing campaign that supports transformation but doesn't give the employer the impression that you believe a complete overhaul is needed. Here's how to achieve this in your letter:

? Briefly link a commonality between their challenges and its industry

? Demonstrate your knowledge of the most common obstacles to change.

? Show a solid example of your effectiveness in providing similar solutions.

? Use a few well-researched statistics (not personal opinion) to build a case.

? Present benefit and value to them in terms of what they'll gain in cost effectiveness, elimination of task redundancy, and / or boost to employee performance.

What's wrong with resume blasting? Plenty. The traditional resume routinely drops its signal because it has become a low-amp approach to a high-voltage marketplace. The nature of a resume is to provide information. The spirit of a proposal is to deliver a solution. Employers want problems solved.

Here are the two best-kept secrets to job search success. Multiple job search strategies used simultaneously widens your exposure to opportunity. Configure a scalable job hunt campaign that includes Proposal Marketing and you'll gain a seamless back-door access to decision makers and recruiters. Absolute genius.

Marta Driesslein, CECC is a management consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. For over 24 years R.L. Stevens & Associates ( has been the Nation's most successful privately-held firm specializing in executive career searches generating quality interviews through both advertised and unadvertised channels.

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