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Oh Baby! Choosing the Right Baby Name

Naming a baby is no easy task. However, the following tips will help you give your baby his or her very first gift.

1. Religion. For some parents, religion plays a major role in choosing a baby name. Roman Catholics traditionally choose saints names. Jews traditionally choose Old Testament names. Names of deceased relatives are often chosen. Protestants often choose both Old and New Testament names.

Interesting Fact! : The majority of the people in the Western hemisphere have names from the Bible. The New Testament is a more popular source of names than the Old Testament.

2. Number of Names. You have many options when it comes to the number of names you choose for your baby. It is very common for a baby to be given three names, however, this is not mandatory. You may choose a first and last name; a first and last name and only a middle initial; initials for both first and middle names; or several middle names. Keep in mind, though, that several middle names will cause space problems for your child any time he or she fills out a form.

3. Sounds. Names are easy or hard to say depending upon the combination of letters used. A name such as Harry Berry invites potential teasing. Try this to create a nice effect: choose a first name that has the same amount of syllables as the last name. Whoopi Goldberg is a good example.

Interesting Fact! : Whoopi Goldbergâ??s original name is Caryn Johnson.

4. Pronunciation. Nobody likes to have their name mis-pronounced. This is an important factor to keep in mind with unique names.

5. Popularity. Choosing a popular name increases the likelihood that there will be other children in your childâ??s school with the same name. This may make him or her not feel as unique. However, a child with a popular name may be perceived better by peers than a child with a unique name.

6. Stereotypes. Many names create a positive or negative image. A name is often a personâ??s first introduction to others. Therefore, you must make careful considerations when choosing a name to fit your new baby.

7. Initials. Initials of a personâ??s name often spell words. If you choose to take this route, be sure that it will be a word you son or daughter will be happy with.

8. Meanings. Almost every name has a meaning. However, most people donâ??t know the meaning of their names. This may help in deciding between some of your favorite baby name choices.

9. Family History. Family History often comes into play when naming a baby. If you have to use a family name that you aren't happy with, consider using it as a middle name.

10. Celebrity Names. A common source of today's baby names comes from the names of celebrities and from the names that celebrities choose for their children. Characters from TV and movies are another popular source.

11. Make sure that the name you choose is one that your child will be able to grow with. Keep in mind that it should be applicable for all ages. Many names come with stereotypes.

12. It is important for both parents to compromise when selecting a name for your baby. However, keep in mind that you can always use two names, using one as a middle name.

Good Luck! A new baby is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime.

Alli Ross is the webmaster at the Baby Names Box - Where you can explore over 6,000 baby names and their meanings. Sub-categories include Disney ,J.R. Tolkien names, Fantasy and Folklore names, and many names from the literary classics. Read articles ranging from parenting and family to home and gardening. Be sure to say hi to GranMamma!

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