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Have Fun Purchasing A Stroller For Your Baby

You are getting ready to welcome your baby into your life and one of the items you are considering is a stroller. Strollers come in various styles, features and brands. If you have a newborn you want to be sure the seat fully reclines so your newborn can lie flat. Consider what strollers will need assembly once you purchase it. The restraint system on most strollers is the 5 point restraint; two at the shoulders, two at the hips, and one at the crotch. Be sure to use the restraint system as recommended by the manufacturer for your baby's safety.

You can go through any department store or look in any catalog and can be overwhelmed by all the available choices. You must take into account your personal preferences and the next is your budget. What price range can you afford? They can run anywhere from $30.00 to over $300.00 or more. How are you going to use your stroller? Is it just for around town or walking in the mall or do you plan to go off-road with it? If it's just walking around town or the mall a traditional type stroller will work well for you. The same stroller will not work well if you are taking your child off-roading with you. They have strollers with special wheels to allow you take your baby almost anywhere.

Speaking of wheels, you will want to check the wheels and make sure they move well, as this is important in maneuvering turns. Maneuverability is also important if you want to give your child a relatively smooth ride. It is also preferred that the wheels are attached to an axle. It provides more stability.

The construction of the frame is also very important if for nothing else, your child's safety and comfort. Is the frame all one piece? There are some brands that do make their frames in one piece; there are no gaps or rough edges that could let your child get his hands stuck in or cut on the rough edges. In other types of frames you will want to check this out and see if you can do it before you purchase it.

When considering the style of your stroller think about the color of the fabric, the types of canopies, attachments to the stroller such as rain/wind covers, sun covers, and netting to prevent bugs from bothering your child. Some models of strollers have detachable leg support/foot rests.

What kind of features are you looking for? When I was looking for a stroller cost was a factor but my main complaint was that the handlebars were not high enough. Now however, strollers come with height adjustable handles so the parent can be comfortable. It's amazing to me how much strollers have changed. Canopies now come with viewing windows so that you can keep an eye on your little one. Many strollers have a bar in front of the baby to prevent falling out of his seat others, though have trays where your child can put a sipper cup or bottle and an inset where he can put a snack or some toys. A very important suggestion, get some small toys you can attach to the stroller, otherwise be prepared to play 'step and fetch it' with your child. There is also a parent tray that is detachable. It has a place for a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, a place to put your keys and your cell phone. An under the seat storage basket is available on most models allowing you to put the diaper bag under the seat. Hanging things on the handlebars will make the stroller top heavy and it could tip risking injury to your child. The seat padding on most strollers is removable for washing.

There are many types of strollers on the market such as the traditional pram type, which has wheels that do not swivel and can make maneuverability difficult at times. Other types of strollers include the basic umbrella stroller all the way up to models that have plush seat covers, special wheels and a big price. Travel systems have a detachable seat that is attached to a base that stays in your car or become an infant carrier and back to a stroller. You can purchase an inset head padding that will prevent your baby's head from rolling around and some strollers as well as car seats have them included when you purchase them.

Multiple rider strollers have most of the same features as single strollers the primary consideration however is the weight of the frame. Some of the multiple rider strollers can be heavy so you might want to check that out. The basic umbrella stroller is good to throw in the car for short trips to the mall or a long walk. They are easy to use however they will topple if something is put on the handles. It is very light weight. They could also be advantageous to have as a back up or when space is limited.

Multiple rider strollers have a number of different seating arrangements. Tandem seating refers to one child sitting behind the other. Stadium seating is tandem style but with the rear seat being slightly higher so both children can see. Double strollers can have seats in the tandem and stadium style or they can have seats where the children face each other.

Jogging strollers are available and also come as single strollers or multiple rider strollers. The wheelbase is different; it is triangular with two wheels in the back and one larger wheel in the front. They have a 5-point restraint system and some have storage baskets by not a lot. They also have a wrist brake which is a strap attached to the frame that fits around the wrist of the parent so that if you are stopped will prevent the stroller from accidentally rolling away.

There are many brands of strollers. Some the names are McClaren, Bugaboo, Peg Perego, Schwinn, Baby Trend, and Evenflo. I believe Cosco also makes strollers. Strollers can be purchased online, in specialty and retail stores, as well as at consignment shops or garage sales. You will want to check the frame for any signs of wear or gaps. Check all the belts, straps, and buckles to make sure they work and are easy to use. You don't however, want it to be so easy that your baby can manipulate it and get out of the stroller on his own. Make sure the brakes work properly. Choose your stroller wisely, your baby deserves a safe comfortable ride.

About the Author
Declan Tobin is a successful freelance writer providing advice for parents and consumers on purchasing a variety of baby products which includes baby crib bedding, strollers, and more! His numerous articles provide a wonderfully researched resource of interesting and relevant information

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