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Baby Shower Invitations Ideas

The first thing you need to do before you order invitations or make your own baby shower invitations is to decide on the theme of your party! You can choose from baby shower invitations ideas like teddy bears, ducks, baby bottles and diaper pins. And what colors do you want? Blue for boys, pink for girls, or yellow and green for the baby yet unseen?

You need to consider the mother's personal style. Would she prefer bright and bold or subdued and sweet? If you're not sure, don't hesitate to get some input from those who know her best. Most of all what kind of baby shower invitations ideas would she like best? That's the thing that will be saved in the baby scrapbook for the rest of the child's life. After all, as much fun as it is for you to plan the baby shower, it is the mother and child who will cherish the special, once in a lifetime memory forever. So, plan well!

Once you have decided the theme for your baby shower party. Designing the baby shower invitation is the first step in letting all the family, friends and co-workers know. So you want to make a great first impression. Using the baby shower invitations ideas will help make everything run smoothly, and that's the impression you want to give.

Now let's get on with it, because those baby shower invitations need to be sent out weeks in advance to allow everyone time to shop for the perfect baby gifts and make travel plans if necessary. And you've got to figure in printing and delivery time as well. There is no time to waste.

You've finally chosen your theme, colors and you're confident you know the mother's style. What important details should be included? First and foremost is the date and time of the event and the location. You may consider including a map to the location if necessary for out of town guests. Include the RSVP information and the places where mother and baby are registered.

If the event is open to the guys, you need to say so. Otherwise, they will assume that this is a ladies only event. But having the guys around can be great fun! Don't rule it out as a possibility.

Once you think you've got the details of the baby shower invitation down pat, it's time to decide whether you should create them yourself or look for a printer. Creating baby invitations yourself is always an option, but you may decide it's worth paying an expert for their services.

They can help you make decisions about baby shower invitations ideas you may be less familiar with. Like font colors, paper styles, baby shower invitation wording, and matching accessories like envelopes, thank you notes, and baby birth announcements.

If you decide to use a professional printing service, make sure you know what you're paying for up front. Let them know your budget, but be aware that they will try to add on services. Know before you go into the sale exactly what you will and will not pay for.

Do you really want to pay for embossing or engraving or custom design? Do you want the heavier paper with accent ribbon that will cost more postage to mail as well as take longer to print and deliver? There are lots of choices for you and a little time spent in researching your options and asking good questions will go a long way and possibly save you money.

Whatever you decide, make the mother to be a special keepsake with these wonderful baby shower invitations ideas. Perhaps frame an invitation and display it at the baby shower, and then let her take it home as a gift. Or find a picture of the expectant mother. Then tuck it along with the baby invitation into a new baby scrapbook.

This will help get her started in saving all of her precious memories. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness. This is a special time in the mother's life, and you will be appreciated for all that you do to welcome the newborn into the world.

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